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Ayurvedic Remedy For Glycogen Storage Sickness

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Glycogen Storage Condition: An Ayurvedic anticipation

A developmental ailment of the little ones is the most generally fulfilled medical issue in the OPD and IPD of Vaidyaratnam P S Varier Ayurveda College, Kottakkal. A person great early morning, an anxious few dropped up into the Paediatric OPD, with their 5 year outdated child, named Farhan as he hitherto did not attain the potential to wander independently. The child also complained of belly distension, recurrent respiratory infections and recurrent diarrhoea. There was also observed a marked atonicity of the human body muscle tissues.

The circumstance was not a beforehand identified 1 as it was his first technique for a clinical reassurance. At the very first look, it appeared to be a nevertheless an additional scenario of developmental condition as accounting for practically 1/3rd of the in-individuals in this establishment. As the affected person belonged to an unprivileged loved ones, diagnostic investigations could not be advised for to begin with.

So, a through preliminary medical assessment was carried out which uncovered enlargement of the liver. At this moment, the suspicion was roused that no matter if an fundamental metabolic bring about predisposed this liver enlargement. So, it became inevitable to recommend further more investigations. Thus, Serum Lactatate and Serum Pyruvate ended up calculated, having said that were uncovered to be inside normal physiological boundaries. The liver features had been analyzed which showed an elevated SGPT and Bilirubin concentrations, even though it was not clinically perceivable.

The Fasting Blood Sugar was pointed out to be incredibly decreased than ordinary. These observations guided the diagnosis of the situation to Glycogen Storage Condition. Searching for the causes of this medical situation, it was learnt to be brought on by possibly a genetic predisposition or may well be a resultant of a poisonous accumulation in the human body. Analysing the situation with an Ayurvedic viewpoint, it was comprehended to be an outcome of accumulation of morbid metabolic contaminants in the human body. This was in turn precipitated by a diminished execution of the digestive and metabolic functions in the entire body- both equally at the stage of GIT as properly as at the tissue amount. As the Ayurvedic principles in these clinical conditions lay down, the treatment was aimed to be ensuring a suitable mobilization of the amassed morbid metabolic toxic compounds at the tissue degrees and to boost the digestive and metabolic capability of the associated organs of the GIT.

At the same time, with the clearing off of the accumulated harmful toxins the rejuvenation of the specific cells of the overall body was held as a worry of equal importance. Pursuing these concepts, the individual was subjected to gentle massage with the bolus geared up of medicated powders dipped in heat bitter and fermented gruel. Internally, Vilwadi Pill, Sudarsana Pill, Indukantham Decoction and Dadimasthaka Powder were being approved. Together with, Piper longum powder, acknowledged for its rejuvenating capability (in metabolic ailments of liver and spleen) was also recommended internally.

Progressively, to our utmost contentment, the diarrhoea and abdominal distension was observed to be markedly relieved and the boy or girl appeared to be much cheerful. Meanwhile, Liver Biopsy was done which confirmed the diagnosis earlier made. The Renal capabilities have been monitored, nonetheless, ended up inside of normal ranges. Subsequently, the FBS was also improved significantly. Astonishingly, by the 45th working day of the treatment method, the client who was carried down to the OPD some days back again by his moms and dads commenced going for walks by him.

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