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Diabetic issues in Astrology

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Diabetic issues in Astrology

Diabetic issues is a metabolic problem of the endocrine gland pancreas. When we take in, the pancreas immediately generates the acceptable total of insulin to break down the sugar into glucose which is the principal source of electricity.

Diabetic people’s pancreas possibly creates little or no insulin, hence excess glucose build up in the blood which overflows into the urine. In this way the overall body loses its most important source of strength and subsequently gets to be weak.

In astrology by the cautious examination of the horoscope, it is probable to forecast the susceptibility to the ailment diabetic issues.

Astrological variables influencing diabetes are:

  • Ascendant: the normal create up and toughness of actual physical physique
  • Venus: rules kidney, suppression of urine
  • Moon: principles pancreatic action and blood circulation, urinary derangement
  • Jupiter: arteries, veins, degeneration, diabetic issues
  • Sign cancer: policies pancreas, blood
  • Indication Libra: rules kidneys,and excretory method
  • Sign Sagittarius: arterial procedure
  • 6th home: home of sickness

Planetary combination’s which bring about diabetes are:


  • Venus stricken by Sunshine/Mars in watery signals.
  • Venus and Jupiter are troubled by malefic and a malefic earth is posited in 8th household gives diabetes.
  • Malefic Venus put in ascendant/inauspicious house.
  • Venus and Jupiter are afflicted by malefic and a malefic is posited in the ascendant.
  • Venus combined with a malefic in 8th house and also aspected by a malefic.
  • Ascendant is troubled by malefic and its lord is in melancholy/set/hammed in between malefic/inimical sign and Venus put/component 8th house brings about diabetic issues.
  • Venus put in 2nd property, ascendant is aspected by malefic and lord of ascendant placed in 6th home in the point out of debilitation.


  • Moon afflicted by Sunshine/Mars in watery indicator.
  • Moon is intensely afflicted by Saturn
  • Moon in a watery signal and that is indication lord put in 6th house yet again aspected by a watery sign earth indicates diabetes.
  • Moon placed in a watery signal and lord of that signal is placed in 6th property and aspected by Mercury [which is placed in watery sign].
  • Moon and Jupiter are troubled by malefic and a malefic sitting in 8th property.


  • Saturn greatly afflicts Jupiter.
  • Jupiter positioned in Purvashadha constellation.
  • Jupiter situated in the constellation of Rahu and troubled by it.

Indication Most cancers/Libra/7th house:

  • Two or much more malefic planets positioned in 7th property or signal Libra.
  • Signal Most cancers is closely stricken by Saturn.

6th /8th household:

  • 6th lord is put in 8th home or vice versa.
  • Two or more malefic planets positioned in 6th residence.
  • Rahu combined with lord of 8th household in 8th house/trine results in diabetes to the indigenous.
  • A quite destructive malefic world sitting down in 8th dwelling and Jupiter and Venus are closely troubled indicates diabetes.
  • Lords of 4th and 7th dwelling are put in 6th/8th/12 property.
  • Lord of 6th/7th combined with lord of 12th home and aspected by Saturn implies diabetic issues disorder.


  • Two or extra malefic planets placed in watery signals.
  • Lords of 4th and 7th are sitting down in inimical signs and aspected by malefic
  • Lord of 3rd put together with mercury and Mars in ascendant implies diabetes.
  • Mercury posited in the indication of Jupiter [Sagittarius and Pisces] and aspected by Mars could cause diabetes.


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