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Astrological Predictions For All Moon Signs For 2011

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Moon signal predictions for all the signs of zodiac have been framed as for every Vedic astrology. The most important parameters that have been viewed as when earning the predictions are the planetary positions vis-à-vis the natal situation of Moon in the horoscope through the yr 2011.


Very good news for all those who are scheduling to get married or who are in lookup of companion or daily life spouse. The time period immediately after May, 2011 is very good for soul-mate to enter as existence companion.

Professionally, issues might remain hard till May well, 2011 but improvement may be visible just after that. Big problem creating obstacle in skilled lifetime could be romance with seniors at place of work. Right here again scenarios might simplicity out right after May perhaps, 2011. Some job-linked alterations might be anticipated following November, 2011.

Natives of Aries could be intrigued in investing in home for the duration of the 12 months. Speculative or risky investment ought to, even so, be averted primarily just before May, 2011. Attain from shares is indicated in direction of the 12 months-end. The time is fantastic for all those who are scheduling overseas vacation or immigration. Wellbeing will be an area of worry and may perhaps will need more-awareness and continuous vigil.

Fortunate days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, Fortunate numbers are 2, 3, 6 and 9. Fortunate colors are brown and maroon. They have suitable romance with Gemini, Aquarius, Leo and Sagittarius.


Time is appropriate for resolving all variances within just the relatives for the reason that domestic rigidity is indicated in the horoscope. It is critical for the natives to keep away from severe text and bitter arguments for dilemma resolution.

The 12 months brings very good news for individuals couples who are arranging to have a kid. The interval is specially fantastic for this until May perhaps, 2011. Nevertheless, some health-similar troubles may perhaps produce difficulties. It will be prudent to stay clear of tensions during the 12 months and do the job for peaceful natural environment at dwelling and office.

Traders need to continue being cautious although investing in residence. Right survey of jobs need to be done ahead of investing. Some natives may have windfall gains for the duration of the 12 months. Legal resolution of pending difficulties is also indicated. Chance of foreign journey is indicated following November, 2011.

Lucky colors are white and sky blue. Lucky times are Fridays and Saturdays and fortunate quantities are 3, 6 and 9. They are suitable with Pisces, Most cancers, Virgo and Capricorn.


For Gemini natives, the calendar year may possibly be really significant. They may perhaps witness alterations in job, home and so forth. during the yr. Skilled betterment is the promise of the horoscope. Vocation-linked modifications might get effect after November, 2011. Marital discord is indicated and for precaution it is greater to work out restraint and stay clear of arguments. It may be necessary till May perhaps, 2011. Cases may well strengthen following that.

Gains from speculation and investment are achievable for some throughout the 12 months. Warning must be exercised whilst investing in assets. Lavish financial investment in expensive automobiles is possible by some natives.

It will be essential for Gemini natives to continue to be cautious about health throughout the 12 months. They ought to expend some time in gyms or accomplishing yoga. Pointless stress really should be prevented at all expense.

Blessed shade is environmentally friendly. The lucky day is Wednesday. Fortunate numbers are 3, 5 and 9. They are appropriate with Leo, Virgo and Sagittarius.


Touring is possible for natives of Cancer primarily all through the initial-fifty percent of the yr. Attain from elders and men and women positioned in high authorities appears to be attainable. Needless arguments are to be avoided. There need to be a apparent aim on vocation and specialist advancement. The 12 months will reward their efforts.

Greater choices for profession-progress and probability of professional gains exist in the next 50 % of the yr. 2011 may perhaps be superior for individuals who are setting up career-alter. The period of time soon after Might, 2011 might deliver in excellent alternatives and great time for motion.

The yr is excellent for financial investment in property. They may perhaps have superior possibilities for residence buying right after November, 2011. Some of the natives may also make investments in conveyance. It is greater to continue to be absent from inventory marketplace and dangerous financial investment.

Blessed colours are white and product. Blessed working day is Monday. Fortunate quantities are 2, 7 and 9 and suitable symptoms are Aries, Taurus, Libra and Capricorn.


Household discords are indicated for Leo natives. All feasible caution really should be taken to preserve the anger underneath command simply because anger might more complicate issues. Steer clear of arguments, stay tranquil and maintain endurance for the duration of the calendar year.

Quite a few Leos could locate time for touring abroad. If the natives have any overseas assignment in head or are arranging for settling overseas, the time period following Could, 2011 will open new doorways and prospects. Professionally, things look to be good for most natives. Interval after November, 2011 is suitable for businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Investments could choose assorted sample. There may well be investments in property, shares and the like. Initially, investments might not appear to produce wished-for revenue, but just after May possibly, 2011 investments will get started paying. Some natives may also acquire from stock sector.

Blessed hues are pink, red and orange. Lucky times are Sundays and Tuesdays. The blessed numbers are 1, 4 and 8 and compatible signs are Gemini and Scorpio.


Virgos may perhaps witness many alterations during 2011 which include modifications in occupation and residence. Wellbeing of mother or maternal kinfolk may perhaps be a cause of problem for some. This may possibly be a trigger of stress.

The yr is great for sorting out all remarkable issues in particular and spouse and children lifetime. The modifications in general circumstances are heading to influence noticeably for a more time interval. This could have favourable effects in the extended operate. Fiscally, issues appear to be favorable soon after November, 2011.

The time is good for Virgos scheduling for marriage or people seeking permanency in relationship. On the other hand, they really should see that marriage receives solemnized by May possibly, 2011. The recently-married may well confront adjustment difficulties soon after Could, 2011. This can be resolved by trying to get assistance from pals and loved ones members.

Fortunate color is Environmentally friendly. The fortunate working day is Wednesday. Blessed quantities are 5, 3 and 9. The compatible symptoms are Gemini and Sagittarius.


The calendar year is good for those people with large aspirations. They may possibly be capable to reach their wanted aims. Librans shall have their say in almost each individual sphere of lifetime which might contain company, finance or career. It is like Midas-contact. Whatever they touch will become gold. The time period immediately after November, 2011 may prove to be hugely eventful.

The calendar year is fantastic for business owners also. The period just after May possibly, 2011 is very good for marriage, alliance, interactions or new partnerships. Situations may not remain vibrant just before Could, 2011. Luck shall enter into daily life right after Might, 2011.

Time is fantastic for organizing foreign vacation. The 12 months is also good for trying to get foreign assignments and for settlement in international nation. Health and fitness may perhaps be a lead to of worry for the duration of the 1st half of 2011.

Fortunate hues are white and sky-blue. Blessed quantities are 3, 6 and 9. Blessed working day is Friday. Appropriate indicators are Aries and Sagittarius.


The yr is excellent for cultivating new relationships. Possibility of lengthy-lasting friendship exists in the horoscope. The calendar year is superior for planning youngsters. Natives of Scorpio may possibly be blessed with a youngster throughout the 12 months.

Likelihood of gains from international lands exists. If preparing for overseas settlement or travel, the time immediately after November, 2011 is fantastic. The calendar year is also excellent for people who are in the course of action of strengthening vocation prospective buyers. They can just take up a new program and show up for aggressive exams. They might have a likelihood for occupation-alter in the very first 50 % of 2011.

Fiscally, the 12 months is really superior. Investments may possibly generate handsome returns. Promotions and economic increments may possibly also materialize all through the calendar year. There might be windfall gains from a variety of sources.

Lucky shade is crimson. Fortunate numbers are 3, 6 and 9. Lucky working day is Tuesday. Suitable indicators are Taurus, Leo and Aquarius.


The year is heading to be eventful for natives of Sagittarius. The focus will stay on vocation setting up and relatives matters. They will be capable to make an impression on each.

The calendar year is fantastic for purchasing new property. Investment decision in luxuries is also attainable. The 12 months is superior for fulfillment of all materials desires. Financially, factors may well be far better from November, 2011.

Career problems may perhaps boost for some natives. The period of time following Might, 2011 may possibly be important for economical gains. They may well get it in the type of promotion or a spend hike. Health concerns can be there for some which may have to have consideration. There can be gains from vacation.

Fortunate shades are product and orange. Fortunate working day is Thursday. The fortunate quantities are 3, 6 and 9. The suitable symptoms are Gemini and Pisces.


Natives of Capricorn may well keep on being on toes throughout the year. Items may possibly be hectic both in expert arena as well as individual lifetime. There may be lack of aim on household and pertinent complications. They really should consider treatment of their health and fitness and family members worries particularly in the course of the to start with half of 2011.

The yr may show to be lucky with regard to career and finance for natives of this sign. They will be in a position to do nicely in both of those just after May well, 2011. Expenses are also likely to soar through the calendar year. They may well count on marketing or monetary increment after November, 2011.

The time period just after Might, 2011 is very good for expense in house. Having said that, chance of loss exists. Care should really be exercised in choosing assets and finalizing specials.

Blessed coloration is sky blue. Lucky day is Saturday. Fortunate numbers are 1, 4 and 8 and suitable indications are Libra and Pisces.


The year 2011 is eventful for the natives of this signal also. Risk of alter in job and residence exists for the natives through the year. The alterations could grow to be a lot more pronounced following Might, 2011.

There might be gains from elders and from persons positioned in authority. The natives may have to endure from enmity arising from expert arena this year. However, the calendar year is excellent for finances. There could be gains from many quarters which include windfall gains from inheritance. Time period immediately after November, 2011 is good for touring and for gains from manager.

Overall health may be a induce of concern for some which may possibly will need interest. Some natives could suffer from despair or anxiousness which might be taken off by yoga or meditation.

Blessed coloration is sky blue. Lucky times are Friday and Saturday. Fortunate quantities are 1, 4, 8 and appropriate indicators are Taurus and Sagittarius.


For the natives of Pisces, 2011 is going to be an eventful yr. The essential parts of target for them will be vocation and loved ones lifetime. They may possibly have to function hard for the duration of the calendar year to make an affect. They may perhaps see enhancement in profession prospective buyers and family members welfare with energy.

Lots of adjustments for the duration of the 12 months may well perturb them. Matters may possibly seem uncertain at first and they will not be positive of their methods. But, things may well look additional specified soon after May possibly, 2011 and they will march with confident techniques.

Natives of Pisces could have health and fitness-considerations caused by panic and depression throughout the yr. There may also be romantic relationship troubles. Wellbeing of husband or wife or lover may perhaps also be a bring about of issue. Piscean should continue to be further-careful about these issues specially immediately after November, 2011.

Blessed shades are yellow and cream. Lucky times are Thursday and Monday. Fortunate figures are 3, 6 and 9 and appropriate indicators are Sagittarius, Capricorn and Taurus.

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