April 18, 2024


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Importance of The Eyelash Curler and The Extensions – An Overview

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Eyelashes are one of the protective layers of your eyes. So, what is the eyelid’s role for your eyes? Eyelids have a separate role to play for your eyes and so do eyelashes. So, what is the importance of eyelashes? Let us learn below. 

  • Potential Danger for the Eyes can be Averted 

Every time something touches the eyelash, your eye automatically closes. This is because of triggering of the defence mechanism surrounding the eyelash skin layer.

  • Sun Damage is Avoided 

The UVA and UVB rays present in the sun rays are quite dangerous for the iris. Eyelashes avoid the entry of such harmful rays into the eye. 

  • The Entry of Dirt Particles is Avoided 

Eyelashes appear in the upward curled form. This factor makes them the best barrier against the dirt and dust particles that are present in the atmosphere. 

After checking the above-mentioned factors, it is understood that eyelashes are a very important part of your eye. Keeping them well-groomed is the best way to make sure that your eyes are well-maintained. 

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Eyelash Extensions 

Eyelash has become a statement that describes the beauty of a woman in a unique way. Just like hair extensions, eyelash extensions have also become one of the kinds of beauty treatments today. 

The eyelash extensions will be stuck onto your already existing eyelashes with the help of a special type of adhesive. The experts working for the beauty salons will make sure that they take extra care while installing the eyelash extensions. 

  1. The beauty experts will first follow the cleaning routine. They will thoroughly clean the eyelash area with some harmless solution. Some use foam to clean the eyelashes, as the foam can completely remove the oily and other such unwanted contents from the eyelashes. 
  2. The next step is to remove the residues present in the eyelashes with the help of the mascara wand or the micro brush. The brush and wand will be dipped inside the alcohol so that tiny particles of dirt and dust will be completely gotten rid of from the eyelashes. 

Once the experts clean the eyelash area, they will then proceed with the attachment of the eyelash extensions. 

Eyelash Curler and its Importance 

Eyelash curlers are available in many shapes and sizes. Just like the hair curlers or straightening machines, you need to heat the eyelash curler, before using it to curl your eyelashes into a perfect shape. 

Place the eyelash curler in such a way that the eyelashes are successfully connected inside the curling unit. Now gently press the eyelash curling iron and keep it just like that for a few seconds. You can remove the curler and see beautifully curled eyelashes. 

Do not clamp the curler too close to your eyelid. Use the eyelash curler at the end of the eyelashes to give them a beautiful shape.