June 17, 2024


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Facts About Travel Nurses

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COVID-19's Impact On Nursing Shortages, The Rise Of Travel Nurses, And  Price Gouging | Health Affairs

Travel nursing jobs are continuously growing since the demand is also increasing. More and more nurses are taking advantage of the opportunity and work as travel nurses. However, before becoming one it will be wise to know facts about travel nurses. Read this article about travel nurse staffing and learn more about travel nursing jobs. 

What are the Advantages of Being a Travel Nurse?

Higher Pay

This is the first reason why more and more nurses are getting motivated to work as travel nurses rather than staying as regular employees in medical facilities. The rate of travel nurses is higher than the regular nurses. Getting more pay is equal to having more savings and having extras. The assignments may not cover all the days of the year but the compensation they can get can still equate to and even exceed the annual salary of a regular nurse. 

Travel Reimbursements 

As a travel nurse, there is no need to worry about your expenses if you need to travel to different places. Traveling can be expensive, but as a travel nurse, all the job-related expenses will be reimbursed by your travel nurse agency. Plus you get free housing for every palace you get assigned to. 

More Job Opportunities 

As a travel nurse your travel nurse agency will be the one to look for a job for you so all you need to do is prepare yourself and get ready to hit the road when you are needed. Compared to when looking for a job on your own, working as a travel nurse can give you more job opportunities. If you can get a whole year assignment with a few idle weeks or months then that’s a good sign that your travel nurse agency is indeed doing their jobs.

Lesser Burnout 

As a nurse, getting burnout is always an issue. As a travel nurse, you can decline assignments if you think you need to rest. By getting a good rest you will be able to avoid too much burnout. Taking a leave anytime is not possible with regular nursing jobs. Getting enough rest can help nurses give a satisfactory service. 

Opportunity to travel 

Traveling is expensive, but with travel nursing jobs visiting different places in a year is possible. You will get the chance to see new places and explore them. Most Travel Nurses live this fact and enjoy working and traveling at the same time. 

More Exposure

Getting exposed to different medical facilities can enhance your skills and knowledge as a nurse. This is advantageous to nurses if they want to have specialization in the future. Experience and knowledge are needed to be able to get specialization and they can take advantage of this opportunity to advance their careers. 

Why Do Some Nurses Prefer to Be a Travel Nurse?

As a nurse, you can get more benefits when working as a travel nurse. That’s why more nurses refer to work as travel nurses. Plus flexibility of schedule is possible. Everybody needs a break and if you can have a work and life balance then why not opt for that. Travel nursing jobs make work and life balance possible. 

How Do Hospitals Benefit From Hiring a Travel Nurse?

Hospitals can benefit from hiring travel nurses by:

Filling in Staff Shortage

Due to the pandemic that hit the world, staff shortage has been an issue. By hiring travel nurses, these shortages are being filled and the hospital can have a smooth operation. 

Faster On-Boarding

Recruitment may take slime time and hospitals often need immediate staff to fill a position. Hiring a travel nurse can be convenient for them since all they have to do is do the final interview and put the nurse on board. 

Hospitals are not Mandated to pay Benefits to Travel Nurses

Paying lesser benefits for their nurses is equal to lesser operational expense. So hospitals would prefer hiring travel nurses instead of regular ones. 

Hope these facts about travel nurses can serve as your motivation to be a travel nurse. Travel nurses can be a stepping stone for you in fulfilling your blogger goal for your career as a nurse. So start to continue to discover the best things about travel nurses by becoming one.