April 18, 2024


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Are Natural and organic foods healthier than pill food supplements?

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There has been a lifelong debate on the use of pill food supplements and Natural/Organic foods from Exante Diet reviews. While some schools of thought believe that pill food supplements are healthy, others believe that Botanic Choices (Natural and organic foods) are more nourishing. In this post, we’ll talk about Organic Natural supplements and why they’re healthier than pill food supplements.

The term organic is used to describe the way agricultural products are grown and processed naturally. Organic products are grown without genetic engineering (GMOs), synthetic fertilizers, or pesticides. The Organic Trade Association of America describes Natural and organic food as the most consumer-friendly food. Any food product with a certified organic label means that over 95% of its ingredients are organic. For instance, in the US, Natural and Organic food products are regulated by the National Organic Standards Board under the Organic Foods Production Act. All companies or farmers who sell natural and organic food products in the US must abide by the guidelines to protect natural resources.

Are Natural and Organic Food Supplements healthier?

The best source of Minerals and Vitamins are through natural diets that contain a collection of either fruit, vegetables, nuts, or seed. Natural and organic food supplements are healthier in a number of ways

  • They do not contain toxic chemicals
  • They’re free from excipients and fillers
  • Contain essential nutrients and higher levels of antioxidants
  • Readily absorbed by the body compared to pill food supplements
  • It has potent nutrient concentrations due to raw extraction and freeze-drying.

Here are some of the top benefits

  • They contain more nutrients- More than 500 researches have proven that organic products from carrots and blueberries to apples have high antioxidants and essential nutrients than pill food supplements. And Natural and Organic food supplements mostly come from these organic crops.
  • They do not contain toxic chemicals- When you choose Natural and Organic food supplements, you’re confident that you’re using a food product that does not contain toxic chemicals. Most herbicides and pesticides are carcinogenic and cause endocrine disruption. If you want to keep these harmful chemicals out of your body, then choosing Natural and Organic food products is your best alternative.
  • You’ll experience better nutrient absorption- One thing about natural and organic food supplements is that they taste great. Healthy soils produce nourishing plants that become nutritious foods. When you consume whole plant supplements, it supplies your body with the required vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients.

It has been medically proven that the human body system absorbs nutrients from Natural and organic food products easily and faster compared to pill food supplements.

Types of Natural and Organic Food Supplements

Natural organic food supplements come in different forms. Some are fully organic-certified, meaning they contain 95 percent organic ingredients

  • Herbal Extracts- Herbal extracts constitute the best form to harness the blessedness of herbs. Herbal extracts are made by soaking plant materials in water to draw all the natural phytochemicals.
  • Vitamins and Minerals- the World Health Organization suggests the daily intake of vitamins and minerals for the body to function well.

Pill food supplements are not entirely bad in themselves. But with Natural and organic food supplements, your body gets to have the essential nutrients needed for healthy living.